Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yes, this Myrtle Glen resident was evicted! His behavior was just not acceptable any longer!

So here's my side of the story ( I know he's telling it different, this squawker)

Oh no, I was not bothered by the loud squawking, I actually love the frogs calling, it was the killing that pushed me over the edge!

Every morning I visit the pond and the fish come to the edge of the pond for their food. The little goldfishies happily munch their breakfast, when one morning, to my horror, I noticed this big frog stealthily appearing and swallowing one of the goldfish. I took a deep breath and said this is Nature, and the goldfish were all feeder-fish anyways. Up came the frog and ate another one. Four total.

feeling right at home, nice and well fed

The next morning Mr. Frog appeared punctual for breakfast, and no, he was not bothered by me. He evaded my bamboo stick I tried to poke him with. I was stupidly thinking I could fool him by feeding the fish at the other side of the pond, but with one elegant stroke he swam to where the fishes were by then,  and I had to watch as he gobbled down his breakfast.

he sure is a handsome fellow, with his golden face

Third morning, after no luck with the net, I call my son for help and he, with one swoop, got this freeloader into a small terrarium, and off we went to relocate him to the nearby retention pond.

He now must work for his food, no more free Myrtle Glen Sushi Bar for him!


  1. What great pics of the offending freeloader! Quite a smart frog, too!

  2. well, he is on is in the big pond now, I am sure he is doing ok.

  3. Love the frog story. I have a few smaller ones in the gardens here on the shore of Lake Michigan. They seem to be a sign of healthy life here. However, I can see why yours had to go - "be removed". I like goldfish too so I would have made the same choice. Enjoyed y visit. Jack