Monday, November 7, 2011

Garden Tour, Mt. Dora Florida

What a treat, the 8th Annual Mt. Dora Garden Tour, Nov. 5 & 6 2011

All of the six gardens were showcased with so much love and care.  The owners and garden club members were present to answer questions and give tips and advice. I found out they have around 600 visitors on their Garden Tour.

Garden 1 was so my taste, tropical!!

lots of palms, bromeliads and other tropical plants, a beautiful koi pond and waterfalls.

The waterway started at the back of this garden and ended in the koi pond by the house:

1st Garden

Koi pond

This garden had several garden gates (note to myself: add gates to Myrtle Glen)

cute garden gate

and just look at this neat bird bath:

Garden 1 on Mt. Dora Garden Tour

On to Garden number 2, with lots of native plants and herbs

Countless native plants have a home in this garden, but also roses and tropical plants, we are in Florida after all ;-) The street side fence is covered with Wisteria, I must remember to drive by next spring.

the center garden

a magical working place

garden art

Garden number 3 is a Bed & Breakfast Inn

Beautiful old trees and sitting areas

a huge Magnolia tree

I liked their orchid house. I wish I had room for one like this:

orchid house

overgrown fountain

Garden number 4 showcased neat plantings around the home, a forest area and a citrus grove

parking under trees

fenced area for their dog

at the end of the tour the guest were treated to lemonade and cookies

citrus grove

Garden number 5 with Roses and Wildflowers

just look at this healthy rose, its name is 'Windemere', I must try to find this one for Myrtle Glen

A very knowledgeable club member helping out with answering questions told me to feed the roses every month. Mine are definitively starving! (note to myself: don't forget to feed the roses!)

At the back of the property, separated by a fence, is the wildflower area.

cute details

Garden number 6, tropical garden on a lake

Beautiful Florida :)

Herb garden

That concludes the Tour.
What I noted to myself:

  • Add a garden gate

  • Try growing herbs in large pots

  • Order the roses 'Falstaff' and 'Windemere' and feed roses regularly

  • Get more rocks for our pond area


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  2. Garden Tours are my favorite thing to read about on the blogs of others. I took the liberty of writing about your blog on my blog to join the Turesday Blog Party at Tootsie's where everyone writes about a blog they like and links to it at Tootsies' site. If you click on my name you'll go to the post I wrote. I also borrowed your photo of the Garden Gate on the tour. If all this is not okay, let me know and I can remove the post and link.

  3. Nell Jean, of course it is ok, thank you so much for picking my blog for the meme (what's a meme? o_O)

  4. I love seeing other people's gardens and getting ideas! That's also one of the wonderful things about looking at garden blogs!

    I love those wildflowers in Garden 5. So pretty!

  5. The wildflower section, there were small, sandy paths to walk through and appreciate the flowers and grasses. The only thing that bothered me were the fire ants. They were everywhere and made enjoying this area difficult.