Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book in my library - Container Gardens

"Container Gardens for Florida"

Another book I am adding to the blog category 'Books in my Library' :-)

Container Gardens for Florida by Pamela Crawford"

This well-organized book shows different styles of container gardening, lists suppliers for plants and containers and covers the different uses, like container gardening for sun, shade, salt, pool decks, etc.

The large plant profile section has details of the recommended plants sorted in sections, like High Performers, or the top 12 plants for each season.

The detailed instructions are easy to understand, and the many pictures are an endless source of inspiration.

Pamela Crawford's blog


  1. I so love books on containers. There is so much to learn from the creative combinations and techniques. Thanks for the post where I can now take a peek. Even though it says Florida, the plants can move north as an annual display. That is what most are containers are anyway.

  2. Donna, I agree with you, the container ideas are for any zone :)