Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Fair at the Florida Scrub Jay Trail

Todd and I spent the day yesterday at the Winter Fair at the Scrub Jay Trail in Lake County, Florida. We were part of the volunteer team for this event and had a blast!

country wagon ride

Tours through the Florida scrub on a horse-drawn wagon,  watching local metal workers create their art and munching funnel cakes offered by the Boy Scouts

forging metal

NWF's Ranger Rick was there as well :)

the Silent Auction benefited the Florida Scrub Jay Trail

The Scrub Jay Trail is a sanctuary for the federally threatened Florida Scrub Jay, a species whose population is estimated at fewer than 6,000 birds. Florida Scrub Jays live primarily in scrub and sandhill areas.

The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail provides an opportunity to experience plants, birds, and other wildlife of the Florida scrub.


  1. Thanks for posting about this. I've lived in Florida for several years, but I had never heard of the Scrub Jay Trail or this event.

  2. check their website, they have all kinds of events going on throughout the year. The WinterFair was the first this year :-)