Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's blooming - January 2012

This is my very first meme I am joining. I just started blogging and connecting to other blogging gardeners around the world, this is so much fun and I am sure I will join many more memes.

This meme, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens and is going for five years already! wow, what did i miss!!

Jumping right in, here are some of my blooms I like to show off, a rainbow of colors:

Soldier Orchid, or Lawn Orchid, naturalized here in Florida

Oxalis, 'naturalized' in Myrtle Glen ;)

Hawaiian Sunset Vine, this one is trying to take over the house

I am looking forward to Meyer Lemons


Climbing Carolina Aster, a native

Purple Firespike, much-loved by Hummingbirds

Bachelor Button

Dombeya wallichii, the flowers smell like sugar cookies


Camellia japonica 'Walter Bellingrath'

I am looking forward to next month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day :)


  1. Oh, my goodness! You have so many pretty blooms for January. It's the time of year to visit Florida.

  2. But it is the coldest month of the year here in Florida. As long as it doesn't freeze, all is flowering :-)

  3. The abutilon looks like my 'Tigereye' ... i really enjoy this cultivar and it has been an amazing bloomer for me... great post! Larry

  4. Nice collection of blooms for January. I love that bromeliad with those scarlet blooms and white line variegation.
    GBBD is THE biggest garden meme.

    Foliage Follow-up is tomorrow by Pam at Digging.
    To join, you leave a message with your comment and a link. It's a small, but feisty little group devoted to foliage.
    Hope to see you there.
    David/ :0)

  5. Larry, thanks for visiting my blog, I wanted to return the favor and leave a comment at your blog, but wasn't possible (sent you a message via blotanical). I would have liked to find your 'Tigereye'.

  6. Dear Tropical, Your blooms are amazing! Oh, to be in Florida now that winter's here. Happy GBBD! P. x

  7. Stunning flowers - something to brighten the gloom here in the UK

  8. eine blume ist schöner wie die andere die gefallen mir sehr
    gut evi du bist aber auch eine tolle gärtnerin du hast
    einfach einen grünen daumen

  9. Danke fuer das Kompliment, aber meistens ist mein Daumen braun ;-)

  10. I like that "lawn orchid" we grow a calanthe here that looks sorta similar... How long is the bloom period on your soldier?
    I had to google your "climbing" aster... I was like, I have lots of asters... Still not sure whether I have that one...

    Lotsa nice blooms for January, I lost everything except the hellebores when we had temps in the teens earlier this month...