Monday, February 6, 2012

Filling in....

They'll have to do!

I miss my leopard frogs at the little goldfish pond hopping around, swimming, catching bugs, and quaking at night. But this time of year they are hibernating under rocks and thick layers of mulch, so instead, I watch my small ceramic frogs enjoying the morning sun.  They sure look like they are making plans for a lazy day at the pond...


  1. Your ceramic frogs are really cute. Can't wait to see your leopard frogs in action.

  2. Very cute!
    I was surprised to find a little frog on my porch the other day when I went to cut back a clematis. Way too warm for this time of winter!

  3. Na die Frösche haben ja bei dir ein tolles Leben

  4. How cute! Maybe they will entice the real frogs to come out and play!

  5. So beautiful...even in winter! I like the arrangement of all your garden elements. I left my frog houses out for the frogs to have a place for winter....but the winter has been so mild. I just heard, for the first time, the frogs in the pond down by the woods....spring must be on its way.


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