Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hippies are waking up

The first one of my Hippeastrum collection to flower this year:

Hippeastrum cybister x papilio 'Lima' 

Blooming the third season for me, this year's first flower scape at 24 inches tall holding 4 blooms and a second flower scape is pushing up.

This Amaryllis is the cross between the species Hippeastrum cybister with thin, spidery petals and the species Hippeastrum papilio pale green with burgundy stripes on its petals

I don't treat the cybister hybrids any different from the rest of my Amaryllis.

  • I keep my Amaryllis collection potted and I bring them in the house when in bloom to be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

  • After the flowers fade, I cut off the scape, re-pot and divide if necessary, give each a good sprinkle of bone meal, and stick the pots somewhere into the flower bed in part shade and forget about them.

  • The plants grow their leaves and during the warm months of the year they get lots of water by rain and sprinkler system, and I feed them along with the other plants in the flower border.

  • Come autumn I cut off the leaves and set all my potted Amaryllis in the dry area on the potting shelf.

  • I bring them into the garage only if the temperature drops below 30F.

  • The bulbs know when they have rested long enough and as soon as I see new growth I start watering that particular pot.


  1. I love that flower, but only see them in the greenhouse, which is OK by me. It makes them extra special.

  2. Die Amaryllis ist ein sagenhaftes Zwiebelgewächs
    herzlichen Glückwunsch das sie so schön bei dir blühen

  3. Gorgeous! I might have to come by and see this one in person!

  4. I treated my amaryllis that way last summer and in the fall but they still did not bloom for me. I am going to try again though this summer and give them some bonemeal. Maybe that will help although I did fertilize them. I will give them one more year. LOL! Thanks for the great instructions!