Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crocs :-)

I love my Crocs!

but boy, did I drag my feet before I broke down and got them! I thought they look ugly, simple as that.  My footwear of choice for many years are Birkenstock, but they don't have the quality as they used to have, way back when.... Birkenstock nowadays fall apart when getting wet, and since I was getting tired of buying new Birkis all the time, I started looking for the perfect gardener's shoes, and here I am with Crocs.  And yes, I can't believe it took me so long to even give them a try, soft and airy and cushiony and nothing rubs nor pokes, I never trip nor lose one off my foot.

So, I am sure I am the very last gardener to rave about them, but just in case there is another straggler out there reading this, go ahead and give them a try  :D


  1. I love them too ! The only thing is I slipped on the patio last year because I spilled my liquid fertilizer Bayer Rose and flower and I broke my leg...I still wear them just more careful to clean up my spills...

  2. I too have resisted buying Crocs because how ugly they are, but they sound so comfy, I might have to give in! My cheap flip-flops really don't cut it..

  3. oh no, I am sorry you broke your leg! I do realize the profile wear off to become pretty smooth. I'll have to check mine.

  4. yes, do give them a try :-)
    Flip-flops break too fast and don't have a good footing.