Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fred and Gator - New Residents

Yes, Myrtle Glen has two new permanent residents, Fred and Gator, they are beautiful Butterfly Koi.

So here is Fred:

We brought them home from the Annual Plant Sale at Leu Gardens, our local Botanical Garden, I went there with the intention to find just such a Koi, but when the Vendor said Gator and Fred came out of his pond, I decided to take both. What do I know about the minds of Koi, what if they feel happier being together in a new pond?

and here is Gator (Blue-Orange, like the Florida Gators ;-))

They feel right at home, swimming with the big boys. The orange-white is 'Das Boot' and on the far right  is the silvery 'Drizzt do' Urden'.

This pond is also home to several goldfish and bunches of Rosies, Minnows and Guppies.


  1. What beautiful additions to your yard! I am so disappointed that I couldn't make it to Leu Gardens for the sale this year. This is the first time I've missed it in years!

  2. Thanks Kate for your comment :) and I so feel your disappointment to have missed this Plant Sale, I am sorry. All the same Vendors were there.
    I had a disappointment myself, I pre-ordered a plant and the vendor (efg orchids) told me she forgot to bring it, even though we had several emails exchanged. oh well.

  3. Pretty! Looks like they love their new home, too. Cute names.

  4. thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)
    I do like the names as well, for sure simple enough not to forget them *laughs*

  5. How fun, and such pretty fish! I hope they enjoy their new home!

  6. thanks, and yes, I am checking on them every morning, but so far so good, they seem to be happy

  7. Super cute and I love the names of all your fin children...