Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In my Library - A Cutting Garden for Florida

A Cutting Garden For Florida

"Grow marvelous flowers for bouquets in your Florida home landscape!"

by Betty Barr Mackey and Monica Moran Brandies

Perfectly organized chapters with detailed description of the plants, seed starting guides, propagating from cuttings and divisions, a guide to planting bulbs, a section on dried flower bouquets and so many more tips and information.

No Photographs, but drawings of the flowers. I don't miss them all that much, since this book concentrates on the how to create and keep a cutting garden.  If I want to see pictures, I ask Google.

What a great book for Central Florida gardeners, and the seasonal planting guide is just perfect!


  1. Books on cutting gardens are so helpful, and this one seems like a charm. I have been slowly adding flowers to my cottage garden in the hopes of having a cutting garden as well. In Florida, you must have so many options to have flowers all year long.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book much needed for Florida.
    I sow my zinnia seeds right into my garden every year and have lots for vases.... I enjoy your blog very much and Love your pictures... Wesley Chapel, Florida