Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rosedale Plantation

Spending one February afternoon in Charlotte, NC, we decided to visit the Historic Rosedale Plantation. I did not take pictures inside, just in the gardens.

The tour through the house was 1 1/2 hours of interesting history of the families living in this 13 room antebellum plantation home. Archibald Frew built the house on his 900 acre plantation in 1815, flaunting his wealth with white paint, Parisian yellow trim and wallpaper imported from France.

The garden is charming, even this time of year, and I can only imagine how beautiful it is when the growing season starts.

The Kitchen Garden

The garden paths are bordered by boxwood, with some of them still alive from the first planting in 1815

Beautiful, large Camellia shrubs

It's truly a gem worth discovering!

Official website at Historic Rosedale


  1. Dear Evelyn, How lovely! A gem of a garden indeed. P. x

  2. What a pretty garden - I'm sure it's stunning in spring and summer! I love all the camellias. I can't believe some of the original boxwoods are still around!

  3. A Southern plantation after my own heart! I love the billowing boxwoods, the camellias, the well laid kitchen garden. It all seems so familiar, so beautiful and homey. The sweet garden of my dreams!

  4. Wow! That's beautiful place. It would be fun to go back and visit in the summer as well.