Thursday, June 28, 2012

A sad day at the pond

I lost both my Koi

Here they are, Das Boot and Drizzt. Those two I had bought for a few dollars at the Pet store, as tiny little Koi babies several years ago. Both were swimming together, always staying close to each other. I did get attached to them over the years, they came when I tapped my foot at the side of the pond knowing there will be food. Drizzt loved halved zucchini slices and Das Boot pushed any other fish away when I threw in my other ponds' surplus of water snails.

Both where a good size already, I was always kidding, saying they would not fit in a frying pan any longer, healthy, beautiful Koi, always admired by visitors...

Two days ago I found Das Boot laying outside, he had jumped, and of course I found him too late. He is now buried by my rose Duchesse de Brabant.

That day and yesterday I noticed Drizzt hiding. I thought, who knows what fish think, and he will get over it sooner or later. But I asked my son to net him for me so I can make sure he is ok and not hiding due to an injury, but he seemed fine.

And this morning Drizzt is just gone.

A cat was in the yard, the dogs chased her away, but it sure looks like the cat ate him. There is no sign of him, not even a tiny scale anywhere.

So this leaves my Koi pond with Gator and Fred, the two new Koi I bought in March.

Hubby brought out the fruit tree netting and we will drape it over the pond. This should keep the fishing animal away.

what a sad day at the pond today!


  1. Evi es sind so wunderschöne Fische
    es tut mir so leid das sie gestorben sind
    sei nicht so traurig

  2. Danke, und ja ich habe noch die beiden anderen. ist halt schon sehr schade, weil die beiden halt schon so gross waren.

  3. so sorry.....I have a pond but i know if if put fish in the raccoon will eat them.......maybe it was a racoon...dont blame kitty

  4. It is sad to hear about your fish. I don't have a pond, just a big pot with a rather sad water lily and 3 goldfish (their white cloud companions vanished mysteriously a few months back) and it just hasn't looked really good since then. Fingers crossed it will pick up in spring (September here).

  5. so Sorry to hear about your Babies ... It sound like you have wonderful memories of Das Boot and Drizzt...Thank you for sharing with us...Big Garden Hugs to you xxxx

  6. you are right Sharon, Drizzt was a big guy, probably too big for a cat. So we blocked off the gaps by the gates and we will leave the blocks up for at least 2 weeks. If it was a fish thief on foot, it will forget about our little pond.

  7. sorry to hear your white clouds disappeared. Maybe a frog ate them?
    I stock up our ponds with rosies so the frogs won't bother the larger goldfish.

  8. Thank you Chrissy. And yes, memories. I never thought to get attached to fish, but over time it sure happens.

  9. Since I am so sad, DH said he will take me to 'Pondtastic Water Gardens' and I can pick out a couple of Koi babies.

    maybe I will find an orange/white and a white/golden like Das Boot and Drizzt.... I'll report :)

  10. Sorry to hear about your Koi!:-(

  11. Thank you Kristin,it's ok, this is Nature and not avoidable. Honestly, I thought those 2 koi being so large would be safe, but I was so wrong. We will leave the pond netted for a while in hopes the predator will forget about this pond.