Thursday, June 14, 2012

Butterfly Time

It is getting close to lunchtime, the air is still, the sun is burning down, the birds nap on the Crepe Myrtle branches, not even the crickets sing...  the Garden is waiting for the afternoon thunderstorm... but wait, not everything is holding siesta. It is Butterfly Time in Myrtle Glen....

Silent and beautiful, seemingly carefree and without worries, the flying flowers dance from plant to plant, sipping nectar, and laying their eggs.

Several different Butterflies are here today: The Monarchs try to chase away the Gulf Fritillaries, but they are nimble and get around the large Monarchs with ease.

The Gold Rim Swallowtails are mainly interested in the Aristolochia vines but love the nectar of the purple Porterweed bush.

The Giant Swallowtail sail slowly and regally through the air, drawn to the red flowers of the Coral Porterweed and the Hawaiian Sunset vine .

And flitting all around are the less conspicuous butterflies, the Dusky Wings, different Skippers and tiny Hairstreaks.

Those were the butterflies today, at another day I may see  Tiger Swallowtails, Zebra Longwings, Sulphurs, Black Swallowtails, or Queens and Viceroys.


  1. Beautiful! I'm so glad you were able to get up close to these. Mine seem to always fly away at the exact moment I'm snapping the photo.
    I wish we had Zebra longwings. They are very rare here.

  2. Beautiful.
    I'm thinking about the butterflies in my garden.
    They seemed very rare now compared to few years ago.

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out in my latest post. You have a great day!

  3. Beautiful Captures of the butterflies.. my butterflies seem to be less this year... especially the Monarch's.....

  4. Thank you so much, I am honored :-)

  5. We have quite a few swallowtails, but I've never seen the giant one. Beautiful!! I love butterflies in the garden.