Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fairy rose

'The Fairy' 

A couple of months ago a friend gave me a cutting of her Fairy rose I so admired in her garden. It rooted almost over night, and as small as the plant is, it is flowering already. Thank you Kristin for sharing :)

Reading up on it I learned this Polyantha rose  'The Fairy' is an Antique Garden Rose and was introduced by J. A. Bentall in 1932 in England. This mini rose grows 3 to 4 ft tall and wide and flowers just about non-stop all summer long.

Since this rose does root extremely well, it says, the canes touching the ground will root, therefore it may spread in all directions. The Fairy does well in full sun or part shade and is disease resistant. Being a miniature rose, it  is well suited for container gardening.


  1. I've heard so many good things about that rose! I've even seen it growing and blooming in a fair amount of shade, and it's so disease resistant. Enjoy!

  2. eine kleine wunderschöne Rose

  3. Wow!! It is taking off!! That is great! If u need more let me know. They are a great rose for FL!:-)

  4. A very belated thank you for the Illuminated Blogger Award, your support is very much appreciated! I have not been well since coming out of hospital a few weeks ago, and I am trying to catch up with all sorts of stuff, blogging included, but you are not forgotten :-) Thank you so much again, take care.
    Oh, and the Fairy rose is gorgeous!

  5. Truly it does look as cute as a fairy.