Sunday, June 24, 2012

While it's raining

Since tropical storm Debby is drenching us with endless rain, I dug out some pictures taken at our local botanical garden, Harry P. Leu Gardens,  earlier this year.

The rose garden is named after Mrs. Mary Jane Leu, and since 1944 roses have been added to this collection holding now over 215 varieties and 650 roses.  All roses grown here are suited for Central Florida's growing conditions.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Floribunda

Many different sculptures are displayed throughout the gardens, one of my favorites,  Bride and Groom (Peter Oftinoski)

Leu Gardens Lake Shore, a great place to spot wildlife such as alligators, turtles, and different birds.

Lovely foliage on this Silk Tree 'Summer Chocolate'

Leu Gardens has many themed gardens with the different plant collections, but my favorite is the tropical and shaded garden with Gingers and Heliconias, all kinds of aroids, bananas, bromeliads, calatheas, ferns, and so forth. Just like a tropical rainforest!

Moss covered rocks are by the stream in the tropical garden

A plant I am lusting after, the Alpinia Henryi, with its beautiful soft pink flowers

And the Pomegranate blossoms are like a red traffic light

Leu Gardens vine collection holds over 150 different vines.  A couple of years back I found some seeds under this Orchid vine and it is now growing in my garden as well

And last, a picture of DH with an Aristolochia flower.  The tag said 'Aristolochia gigantea'. I grow that vine but mine has flowers not half that size.  Must be a different variety, no?

If you dear Reader have any information on this vine, please post a comment :)


  1. I love the pictures of Leu Gardens I have only visited once and would love to visit again..Thank you for sending these pictures a great thing to do on a rainy day.. at the moment right now we are flooding and blog garden is overflowing but most important we are safe...

  2. You have Marie Selby's Garden close by, yes? I must visit this botanical garden again soon.
    Myrtle Glen is turning into a swamp, it squishes with every step :-/

  3. thank you!...would you believe Im ashamed to say Ive never been there!!..Ive got to go!!!.check out what the rain did over here...

  4. how come I dont have a picture....I put one on....,

  5. I love the bride and groom sculpture too. You have taken wonderful photos of some gorgeous plants. I have jotted down the name of that Alpinia - I'm sure I can find a spot for that somewhere in my garden.

  6. I'm thinking because you spelled your name wrong ;-)

  7. oh it does not matter, just put it on your list of gardens to visit :-)
    and when you are in Orlando, let me know and when I am around you are welcome to visit Myrtle Glen!!

  8. oh let me know if you find it, I am looking for this one but so far without luck. And yes, one has always room for another ginger ;-)

  9. Glad you dug out the photos. This place looks like it has a bit or all types of gardens, designed and natural.

  10. Your blog came across my Google Alerts. I work at Selby Gardens, and I would be delighted to welcome any of you to the Gardens! We're open 364 days of the year and are especially well known for our epiphyte collection, including orchids, bromeliads, and gesneriads. Please do visit!

  11. I went to Leu Gardens last Thanksgiving and had a great time. The roses were spectacular then especially when everything was brown and dismal in New Mexico. I hope the rain ends soon.