Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wildflowers at Fort Christmas

Yesterday I posted pictures of the historic park Fort Christmas, Florida.  The park has beautiful oaks, tall palms and Longleaf Pine trees, and rolling lawns perfect for playing ball and holding a picnic in the shade.

The Oak branches are blanketed in Resurrection Fern.  Dry and shriveled up it waits for the rain to turn green and lush, just to shrivel up again when there is no rain.

And there is another air plant high up in the Live Oak,  in midst of Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern, a native orchid Encyclia Tampensis

Encyclia Tampensis

I noticed many old Pine trees in the park with large gashes in their trunk. the deep cuts are a result of early settlers harvesting the sap and resin from the trees for making turpentine.

And below the majestic trees are small wildflowers everywhere,  like tiny jewels  in rainbow colors.


Creeping Indigo

Beggar's Lice

Blue-eyed Grass


Sensitive Briar


  1. I really admire the native orchid - it really look healthy on the treetop.
    These wildflowers do look very interesting.

  2. Love this park. It is off the beaten path but has such a pretty Florida native feel.

  3. It really does look like a beautiful park. I keep seeing blue eyed grass on blogs and have to look into that plant.

  4. sehr schöne Aufnahmen toll