Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer in Myrtle Glen

The flowering plants are holding siesta during the hot summer months, now is showtime for the tropical plants with their stunning foliage

Where ever  you look you see interesting leaves

July is hot and humid, I don't go out much but leave the garden to itself.  The plants are taking over every square inch enjoying my absence.

Beginning of the year I bought a few cheap caladium bulbs at the box store. I won't bother with digging them up in fall, but rather buy new ones next springtime.

Ginger plants love the humidity

my little backyard jungle

Here and there Impatiens are still holding on

the Abutilon suffers during the heat, but the bromeliads love this time of year

Bromeliads enjoying the morning sun

Bananas and mango are ripening

and the small Meyer Lemon tree, heavy with fruit, needs support for its branches

Those plants will need winter protection, they do not like temperatures under 45 F

Cane begonias enjoy the Florida summer as well, while Rex begonias barely hang on

Creole Lady still blooms for me, I keep her mostly in shade and water well

Dragons are peeking around the corner

And the Hummingbirds have claimed Myrtle Glen as theirs


  1. Fascinating foliage, as beautiful as any flower! Hummingbirds have just started to come through my own garden. Yesterday morning one flew up to the kitchen window and looked right in at me!

  2. feisty and fearless little birds, aren't they :-)

  3. Very Luch looking I would love to see your garden...I see you have some flowering maple...I just ordered some and I hope I can keep them alive.....did you see my cereus?

  4. Evi du zeigst uns ja deine ganze Gartenpracht
    ihr habt einen wunderbaren Garten
    viel Arbeit aber auch viel Freude
    herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zu euerm Paradies

  5. naja ob das nun so ne Pracht ist, alles so ueberwachsen im Sommer *lach*, aber sobald es etwas kuehler ist wird wieder zurueckgeschnitten, dann passt es schon wieder.
    Aber danke, ja, es ist unser kleines Paradies :)

  6. Sharon, your cereus is flowering just beautifully. I believe this variety to flower several times during summer, yes?
    my Selenicereus is blooming just once a year.

  7. Hi Evelyn, Your garden is just beautiful! Foliage plants are my absolute favorite. Ran into your blog on a Facebook page and glad I did. Thanks for the wonderful pics.