Friday, August 3, 2012

August Flowers

It's a rainy Friday, so I created a few collage pictures with some of the flower photos I snapped  yesterday

Curcuma 'Siam Ruby', Plumeria 'Tri-Mark' the Vanda insignis blooms on and off throughout the year , a curious Anole, Passiflora Incense 

 Dendrobium 'Burana Green', Rabbit foot fern

Black Swallowtail caterpillar munching happily on the Fennel greens, Nong Nooch vine, and the little green frog sleeps the day away 

Plumeria pudica or Bridal Veil plumeria flowers throughout the summer, Hoya carnosa,

Hoya pubicalyx 'pink silver',  one of my large Alocasias.... is it the Bornero Giant, I am not sure at the moment...

Chrysothemis Pulchella, yellow Water Snowflake, Costus pictus,

Guzmania 'Kapoho Fire',  Angelwing begonia 'Mandarin Orange',  Globba schomburgkii


  1. I love your theme windows.....please tell me how to do it!...the template....

  2. *laughs* Sharon, I am such a cheat, I let Picasa do it all for me ;-)
    There are great tutorials to be found online, on how to create picture mosaics, but they seem too time consuming.
    With Picasa I mark the pictures I want in the mosaic and then I can drag them around to how I like them on several different layout options.

  3. Lovely photos as always, and your plants are such unusual plants to me, although some of them kan be kept as house plants over here. That pink hoya was really pretty, I have never had one, wonder if I can manage to grow one in a window sill?

  4. Wow, those hoyas are gorgeous! I've never seen them before. Lots of lovely flowers!

  5. Fabulous collages. You have so many beautiful blooms at the moment. The Hoyas are stunning and your Orchids are beautiful. I also really loved your Globba.

  6. yes Helene, Hoyas make great houseplants, they just prefer high light, but not necessarily sunshine, so perfect for indoors, and they don't want much water either :-)

  7. thanks Indie, I love Hoyas, when ever I see one at the store I don't have yet, I must buy it ;-)

  8. Thanks B, for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment :-)
    this yellow Globba is just like a weed here, seeding out everywhere...