Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blue Vanda

Finally back home again! After an extended vacation of 2 months the daily life has me back. The garden is a jungle, I will need a machete for sure, and I do dread it a little. But as if to say 'hello, glad you are back with us, we missed you so much', this orchid is flowering by my driveway, right there were I could see it first thing coming home.

I received this plant a while back, a neighbor dropped it off saying it will be better off living in Myrtle Glen. It got its home in a Crepe Myrtle tree with all my other Vandas, collecting strength through the summer to surprise me with its awesome blue flowers.

Vanda coerulea, commonly known as the 'Blue Vanda,  sets flower spikes in the cooler fall and winter months. It is native to India, Burma and Thailand and loves the Florida hot and humid summers. I bring all Vandas into the garage when temperatures drop to 55 F, but the Vanda coerulea does not mind a cooler night down to 42 F.

I keep this Vanda on the front porch in hopes the former owner will see it while driving by. (Sorry to say, she dropped it off without leaving her name for me to thank her).


  1. that reminds me ...I want my orchid back.S

  2. Evi herzlichen Glückwunsch zu der herrlichen Blühte
    der Garten freut sich das du wieder zu Hause bist.
    liebe Grüße
    deine Mama

  3. Danke, und ja, ich bin schon sehr ueberrascht ueber dieses herrliche Blau.

  4. What a stunner! I just adore the colour.