Friday, October 26, 2012

Loggerhead Turtle Babies

A day at the Beach and an experience of a lifetime!

We were enjoying a Sunday morning at Playlinda Beach, our favorite 'wild' beach, with just a handful of surfers playing in the waves. Almost empty, this beach was ours, when I noticed a Park Ranger and a handful of young people walking along the dunes, bending to the ground, walking on a few steps, bending down again... They were checking on the sea turtle nests marked with flagged markers.

Coming closer, the group suddenly dropped to the ground and the Park Ranger started digging.  The young people jumped up and ran to the water, and my heart started to pound with excitement ... turtle babies!!

I asked if I may watch and was told I can do even more, I can help carry the babies to the ocean.

Oh my, what are the chances to see turtle babies hatch in the wild, but to even be allowed to touch them, AND carry them to the water - once in a lifetime for sure!

Carrying the babies to the ocean gives them a huge head start, since so many of them would already be food for seagulls and crabs before they even touch the water.

The Park Ranger explained turtle babies have a yolk sac attached to their bellies after hatching out of their egg shells. This yolk feeds them for a couple of days. Since these turtle babies did not have any yolk anymore, they would have  made their way to the ocean that coming night.

Off it goes into the wide, wild ocean, such a tiny creature!  I sent good wishes along with every one of them .

Loggerhead turtles are an endangered species, and most common in Florida.  One third of all Loggerheads hatch on Florida's beaches.  Read more HERE

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