Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Musa Orinoco (or Burro Banana)

I love surprises ! And this banana sure is one. A garden friend shared with me a pup saying it is an ornamental Chinese banana and will reach full size at 4 ft tops. Ha! 4 ft came and went, the pseudostems are 12 ft tall and the leaves stretch even higher.
 To my delight, it flowered and set fruit, and after some research I am pretty sure it is a Musa Orinoco, a cooking banana.

Not a true plantain nor a true dessert banana, the chubby Bananas are angular with 3 ridges and 3 fairly flat sides.
The green ones can be fried, just like plantains, for tostones and if allowed to ripen to a golden yellow, they taste yummy rolled in brown sugar and fried for a sweet dessert.

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