Saturday, June 14, 2014

Create a Mini Terrarium for the office

Hubby wanted a plant for his desk at the office, low light, dry air… seems perfect for a mini terrarium.

A terrarium is a closed glass container, and inside is a self-sustained Eco-system, a miniature garden that takes care of itself.

Tropical plants such as mosses, ferns and orchids are perfect for a terrarium.

Besides plants and a glass container, a small terrarium needs a handful of pebbles, charcoal (Aquarium supplies), sphagnum moss, and potting mix.  Shells, crystals, miniature statues add a whimsical touch to the finished landscape.

Here is how I set up my terrarium:
first layer pebbles, second  layer  charcoal, third layer moist potting mix.

I added the plants surrounding them with moistened sphagnum moss, and a few sea shells finish the display.

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