Thursday, June 5, 2014

Photo Walk through Myrtle Glen

Walk with me through Myrtle Glen this Thursday morning. It is June already and getting hot during the days but it is still nice to be outside during the morning hours.

I am thankful for the sprinkler system, it keeps the grass green.

A close up look at one of my ‘jungle corners’

Mango fruits are doing well...

… and this tomato plant is a volunteer, came with the compost soil I added in Spring.

First flowers  of Crinum ‘Milk and Wine’, it will bloom on and off throughout the summer

Same with the Hoyas, they bloom all summer long.  This one is H. Royal Hawaiian Purple

Rainlilies… soon the rainy season will start.

This Jatropha intergerrima grew from seed after the mother plant died during the last big freeze a few years ago.

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