Monday, July 28, 2014

Gardens in the sky of Vancouver

Our Alaska cruise started in Vancouver.  We arrived a day early so we had time for sightseeing. The Vancouver Lookout Tower gives a bird’s-eye view of this nice city.  One gets a good look at the English Bay, the harbor, bridges, and floatplane taking off  at the busy water airport. But I was most surprised and fascinated by the many roof top gardens.

How elaborate!

This yellow spot caught my eye, four people are busy with the plantings, I wonder what that yellow plant is?

 This next building,  I can’t tell if there is a garden on the very top, but it looks very unique with the trees lined up at its side

 The higher the building, the larger the trees?

Gardens in the sky, with fire places, BBQ grills, benches and tables…

Not all rooftop gardens belong to professional buildings,  here is a cluster of home gardens in the sky

Walking through Vancouver it is noticeable what a very clean and beautiful city it is, with lots of small parks with water features tucked in every corner.  But my eyes keep looking up to the rooftop gardens …

… alright, I almost ran into this cute dogwood tree

One of many small parks with an eye-catching water feature

But with so many high rises, I must look up

A cheerful front yard is the last picture for this first post of our trip.

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