Thursday, September 25, 2014

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Day 4 of our Alaska cruise brought us to Icy Strait Point, close to the town Hoonah. I wish we’d have more time to explore the fishing town and museum but we opted for the whale and bear tour this time.

The whales were exiting to watch, I had the feeling they knew exactly what we wanted to see. But typical for me, I snapped the pictures either too early or too late. We had a group of 5 whales close by the boat doing chin slaps, back slaps, swimming on their backs and slapping their fins.

The second part of this tour led us back into the rain forest in hopes to see a bear.
We did see one, but he was too quick to disappear when he heard us coming.

This bear did not mind having its picture taken ;-)

While on the lookout for bears we saw Rufous Hummingbirds, but unlike wildflowers, the critters just don’t pose for picture-taking.

Shooting Star (Dodecatheon pulchellum)

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