Thursday, May 19, 2016

A fresh start

When I started my blog in 2011 I loved writing about Myrtle Glen, the plants, flowers, critters; I loved telling about our travels, the recipes using what grows in our garden, the gardening books I cherish. It all came to a stop a couple of years ago when I started having problems with WordPress. The spamming was so annoying, gadgets stopped working, I did not like the template and wasn't able to transfer the content to a new template correctly, it simply was a complete mess.
So I exported everything to Blogger in hopes it all would be easier. My imported posts were an even bigger mess there. The spacing wasn't right, the font sizes totally off, and the worst part, none of my images were imported but simply linked back to the WordPress blog. I was so fed up, I stopped blogging altogether in fall of 2014.
But I do miss blogging, and I am now working on fixing each and every old post, updating the text layouts, links and importing all the images. This will take me a while, I have 224 posts to fix.
My long-term goal is to integrate my website and its image gallery into blog pages and Google Photos, and to eliminate the need for a hosting company.
I also have a lot of catching up to do, I want to blog about some of our trips, recipes and our two kittens Bob and Marley. I will be back dating those future posts to their correct dates, keeping my garden diary as accurate as possible.

Here we go, off to a fresh start! :-)

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