Monday, August 1, 2016

Crocosmia - close up

Crocosmia 'Prince of Orange' 

In my yard it grows in light shade and also in full sun, and the mass of cheerful orange flowers in the middle of summer are a delight. 

It is an easy plant with no pest or disease problems and does not need special maintenance but if you want to keep the grass-like foliage in check you could use string tied to a few bamboo stakes about a foot of the ground or a couple mini fence pieces strategically placed.

After flowering I do not cut the leaves until they start to turn brown, the leaves produce the energy for the corms (small bulbs) to flower next year.

Deer do not like this plant.


  1. das sind herrliche Blühten,
    wenn man sie anschaut scheint die Sonne

    1. ja stimmt, und sie bluehen im Sommer wenn hier die meisten Pflanzen Siesta halten.

  2. Beautiful! I love Crocosmia. I planted three different kinds of it a couple years ago, but only one has survived. Right now it has only one lone stalk of blooms, but I hope it will grow bigger in coming years.

  3. Same here, I know I planted C. 'Lucifer' and a yellow flowering variety, both disappeared. I thought I had pulled them mindlessly, since Crocosmia does spread quite happily. But now you say yours disappeared, so maybe some varieties just aren't that strong to survive. C. 'Prince of Orange' seems to be a super strong one!