Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Planting a succulent cage

This is a quick little project that's fun and easy to do.
I bought the cage at an Arts & Craft store and stopped on the way home at the nearest box store to get a six-pack of small succulents

the finished project

adding a plastic sheet to the bottom

I opted for a cage with no solid bottom so not to hold in the water.  I used a plastic bubble foil cutting it a bit larger than the cage for it to hold in the soil I will add. I also cut a few slits in the bottom part for excess water to run off.

plant it

Next step was to add sheet moss (or spagnum moss) to the four sides, to hide the bubble foil. I added some potting mix to the center and carefully placed the succulents.

Here is the view from the top :

I added a cast iron butterfly 

All done:

all done

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