Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Baby pictures

So exciting, I love discovering the baby birds in the back yard.

This morning I heard the frantic alarm peeps from the resident Red Cardinal couple while feeding the pond fish. Hearing loud rustling above me I see a young Cardinal hopping and fluttering and falling in between the tangles of the Petrea vine.  No way for me to snap pictures in that thicket.  Baby kept hopping and ended up in the near white powderpuff shrub.

Its parents are quiet by now hoping the little one will be calm and staying put, but it is oblivious to me, preening itself, calling the parents for food and enjoying the morning sun.

uh-oh! I am discovered!

I stand still, squinting my eyes shut ...

... and after a long while, I am being ignored.

I kept searching for its sibling, but it seems, this time, there is only one baby.
We have one Red Cardinal couple living in Myrtle Glen for many years, I am thinking it is the same one, but who knows. I know for sure it is only one couple fiercely defending their garden territory. 

I offer them quartered apples, black sunflower seeds, and they find plenty of healthy, 'organic' insects in Myrtle Glen.  

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  1. Replies
    1. ja, nur schade dass es diesesmal nur ein Voegelchen ist. Hoffentlich hat Bob das andere nicht erwischt.