Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's growing on in August 2016

Hot and humid, with almost daily thunderstorms. The new Rachio sprinkler control works great, it connects to the local weather report and it lets me know via a phone app when it allows the sprinklers to come on or not due to rain in the forecast.

Middle of month I sprinkled Milorganite in all flower beds and potted plants.

We binge ate acai bowls for breakfast, every weekend. Ice cream and fruit are a perfect breakfast to enjoy on a summer weekend morning under the shade of palms in the sunken terrace.

Frozen Acai with Greek Yogurt, Bananas, fresh fruit, granola and honey

The Ackee fruit split open, barely made it for this August entry, hubs harvested on the 31st.  More dragon fruit are fattening up, and several banana bunches are ripening.

Ackee fruit

The roses barely hang on, I lost Ducher, won't replace it, keeping the promise to myself to not keep trying if a plant is not happy in my garden.  I had Ducher for many years, I will miss this little white rose.

Antique rose 'Ducher'

Our tree service stopped by the day before tropical storm Hermine brought lots of rain to clean and give the king palms a hurricane cut. I prefer the fuller look with more fronds, but those palms are not self-cleaning and too tall for us to cut a frond here and there. So tree service it is. They charge by palm and they are not cheap.

Color in the garden: Rain lilies bloom on and off all month, porterweeds, orchids, salvias, and gingers. Caladiums and the different coleus varieties supply plenty of colorful foliage.

Dessert Rose, Lily Gloriosa, Caladium, Rain Lily

The dutchman pipe vine ensures lots of black swallowtails,  I am missing the cloudless sulphurs since we got rid of the huge popcorn cassia. It is all about host plants, no host plant - no caterpillar - no butterfly!  I did not see many Monarchs either, I will have to start keeping track of them from now on.

August color in Myrtle Glen

I love my new camera ( Canon SX720 HS)! It nicely shows the purple colors and has excellent zoom and macro capability.


  1. Ice cream with fruit sounds like a fabulous tropical breakfast and a refreshing way to face a hot, humid day! You have so many gorgeous blooms. I especially love the Lily Gloriosa. I was hoping we would get some rain from Hermine, but unfortunately we were a bit too far west. Not a drop!

    1. Hermine passed us on the west side, not much wind but lots of rain. Sorry you did not get rain, it was way too much for me. Thinking of setting up buckets and sending them your way ;-)