Tuesday, December 20, 2016


After two weeks in Germany, we went on our yearly Halloween Cruise, this time with the Freedom of the Seas. It was the last time for this ship to sail from Cape Canaveral, the Oasis of the Seas will replace it. We even received a certificate for this last sailing from this port.

Beautiful evening sky over the ocean

We spent one day on the Grand Cayman Island, participating on an island tour.

Besides stopping at a couple nice beaches we spent most of the time at the Cayman Turtle Farm. Lots of fun things to do here, holding turtles, snorkeling with exotic fish and turtles, spending time in the Aviary and on the Nature Trail, and having lunch and yummy drinks.

This farm breeds and raises turtles for their meat and also to release into the wild. Sea turtle meat is part of the diet and livelihood of the Cayman people so farm-raised turtles may protect the wild sea turtles. 

Turtles are kept in tanks

 The poor turtles are repeatedly snatched out of the water by the visitors

Green Iguanas are all over the island, unlike the native Blue Iguana, the Green Iguanas were introduced and are invasive.

The young ones are a bright emerald green and quite beautiful. Iguanas are non-aggressive vegetarians.

And we had a quick stop at Hell. One can send postcards 'from Hell' and have their Passports stamped :-)
The erosion has left an eerie and desolate looking landscape and early visitors said this is what Hell must look like. So the name stuck.

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