Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Picture gallery?

For many years I used an image gallery program connected to my website Myrtle Glen, where I added the pictures with names of my plants in my garden. But since I moved to blogging, I am planning on closing the site and this gallery program will no longer be available.
This gallery is my catalog of the plants that I have and had in Myrtle Glen.

I am experimenting with the different options for collecting pictures but did not find the one I am truly happy with.
There are the album websites, of course, some load too slow, others are overloaded with advertisements. And Google-Photos would be the obvious option. But I shy away from having to search through many years of photos to find the ones I had in my gallery program.

So, I want to give Pinterest a try. With a few clicks I am able to save the photos to the Pinterest board and it even transfers the picture caption. It almost seems too easy.

I wonder how other gardeners keep track of their plants?

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