Thursday, January 26, 2017

Frozen land

The two weeks while in Germany the temperatures never reached above freezing. It snowed when I arrived and then the temperature plummeted to 15F. Oh so cold!  

The weather was beautiful, blue sky, sunshine, and sparkling ice crystal everywhere.  Until a few days before my flight, all just turned white!

Looking up to the sky, I want to compare it to be covered by a Tupperware bowl.

And where do the land end and the sky begin?

I am back home in Orlando by now, where the temperatures drop at night to a wintery 50F. I will not complain.


  1. Gorgeous snowy scenery! It looks like any significant snow will miss us this year in central Alabama. But we never know. Our biggest snowstorm ever, in 1993, was in March!

    1. I am done with winter and ready to clean up the garden for spring. Hopefully we will not get a late cold snap.