Sunday, January 15, 2017


Master of shapes and changes of hue

The old Red Maple in my Mom´s garden reminds me of Radagast the Brown. (Radagast is a wizard in the Lord of theRings saga, my favorite story. )

The animals love this Guardian of my Mom´s garden, and the humans appreciate the shade of the wide spreading branches.  I never get tired snapping pictures of this old friend! This picture in winter, shows Radagast lonely and sleepy. Soon the tree will be awake again with birds building nests and raising their young, and the maple flowers in spring will attract thousands of bees, bugs and butterflies. I can´t wait!


  1. I also enjoy the Lord of the Rings, and I remember well Radagast the Brown. Your tree is appropriately named! Radast the Brown would be proud of his namesake that is such a wonderful habitat for wildlife.

  2. very cool or should I say very cold :-)

  3. I like this, not sure how I found this blog. Arnt you from PS? Glad to see your still gardening girl, it keeps us young. I'm Bubba,lol. Happy gardening!

  4. Hi Angie, glad you stumbled onto my blog and yes, you know me from PS :-) hope all goes well for you!

  5. What a perfect name! (Also a Lord of the Rings fan!) What a wonderful tree to have as a protector and provider for the wildlife.


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