Sunday, February 19, 2017

In my Library - Garden Design A Book of Ideas

Garden Design
A Book of Ideas
By Heidi Howcroft & Marianne Majerus

This book is a dream for garden photographers, simply beautiful to flip through the pages, enjoying the pictures and reading garden design ideas.

The book showcases mainly private gardens I would never be able to visit, explaining in several case studies some outstanding design ideas.

Six chapters in pictures giving you a glimpse into the garden design world, for example, the first Chapter 'Basics' points out to be aware of your garden's location (know your soil, growing zone) and asks what do you want from your garden.

I love this garden path!

Chapter two 'A Question of Style' goes over the different garden styles such as classic,  picturesque and natural, just to name a few.  My style is definitely a mix of 'flower garden' and natural, but I am now inspired to look for more native plants for my garden.

this picture is under garden styles 'flower garden'

Chapter three 'The Components' explains the importance of structure in the garden, creating rooms connected by paths. A garden is incomplete without sitting areas, this is one of my pet peeves, Myrtle Glen has many sit & relax possibilities.

garden 'rooms' and path

The pages show the different paving material options, natural stone, cobbles, pebbles, brick, pavers and more. I love the photographs of steps, fences, and walls and wish my garden were larger to have room for some of those ideas.

the different material options

Chapter four 'Greenery and Flowers' gives ideas on how to decide on trees and shrubs for your garden, and what to look for in those plants to create the backbone of your piece of earth. You find photographs of shade gardens, flower gardens, rose gardens, country gardens, and kitchen gardens.

kitchen garden idea

For the final touches, Chapter five 'Furnishing the Garden', shows just a few pictures of water features, outdoor furniture and lighting, and art in the garden.

art in the garden - a pot snake

The book closes with a short Chapter six 'Difficult Plots and Tricks of the Trade'  displaying pictures of roof gardens, coastal gardens, and plants in awkward spaces.

Most of the gardens featured are in Great Britain, but the ideas can certainly be implemented into any garden, even a sub-tropical garden in Central Florida.

One such tip is to look out of the window into your garden since most people do spend their time inside looking out, and it is well worth it to design your garden with that view in mind.

I encourage any gardener to pick up a copy of this large softcover book Garden Design: A Book of Ideas. It is reasonably priced and filled with useful information and artful photography.

Thank you, Caroline, of Firefly Books LTD. for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
(Photographs used with permission)


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    1. Ja, es ist ein tolles Buch mit irre viel Ideen. Die Topfschlange gefaellt mir besonders gut, mal sehen ob ich nicht ein Plaetzchen finde fuer so eine Schlange :-)