Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Morning

I love Florida! February, sunshine, blue sky, snowbirds singing, flowers here and there sprinkled throughout the 'winter garden', what more should I want ;-)

A sunny Sunday Morning in February

This vine keeps growing and growing, and it does not stop flowering. When do I cut it back? 

Passiflora vitifolia

 I am hoping for Nectarines this year if the critters don't beat me to them.

Nectarine flowers

It's a wild one, this orchid, but I am in love with the white flowers

Vanda terete 'Diana'

 This flower promises short and fat and sweet bananas in 6 to 8 months

Musa Raja Puri

Roses in the garden - now is the time to trim them back.

Antique Rose 'Belinda's Dream'

Old Garden Rose 'Duchesse De Brabant'

The flowers of the basket plant have a very nice fragrance, I have it planted throughout Myrtle Glen.

Basket Plant, Callista fragrans

It's about time to harvest Kumquat for making jam.

Kumquat Nagami

This Dendrobium plant was a rescue from a box store, it thanks me with flowers every year

Dendrobium no ID 2007


  1. I so envy your kumquats! I am just a bit too far north to grow these. I discovered them a few years ago on a vacation to Seaside, Florida. Our cottage had a shrub laden with them just outside the entrance. We gorged ourselves on them. Unfortunately, I never see them in the grocery store.

    1. Kumquats are small trees, perfect for larger planters, and you can overwinter the Kumquat in the garage :-)

  2. Nice pictures. I hope the nectarines work out this year.

  3. I love all your flowers, so pretty. Wish I could grow all this but im in zone 6-7.

    1. hahaa, yes, zone envy, don't we all have to fight that one ;-)

  4. einfach herrlich

    1. Danke, es freut mich dass es nun klappt mit dem tippen hier :-)