Thursday, March 23, 2017

A little about Moth Orchids

Phalaenopsis, sometimes called Moth Orchids, start flowering in my yard in spring. The cooler winter temperature triggers the set of flower spikes. 

Phals are easy orchids, so affordable, and the flowers last for months.  With a little care, they will thank you with an abundance of gorgeous flowers.

I bring mine inside when in bloom to enjoy the cheerful flowers and keep them outside tucked away in the shade for their rest period after they are done blooming.
When inside, I water them once per week. Outside they rely on rain and sprinkler water.

Tip: Re-plant your store bought Phal to tip the plant to one side. This assures that no water can collect in the crown, the center, of the plant. Look at mine in the first picture, they are all tilted.

When outside, my Phals are shaded by large ferns

Phals are low light plants, they do like early morning sun but will die fast under too much sunshine. Inside keep them like African Violets, for sure away from a sunny window.

Phals do not have a fixed temperature range to be happy, they don't like it too cold, but who does ;-)  I bring mine inside when temperatures drop below 45F.

I fertilize mine every two weeks with Better Gro Orchid Plus Bloom Booster starting after their resting time in spring and while in bloom, and once a month with Better Gro Orchid Plus the rest of the year.

Tip: After the flowers are all gone, look at the flower stem (inflorescence) and notice the bumps, or nodes along the stem (below where the flowers were). Snip the stem off below the top node, about midway to the second node. This may trigger new flowers from that now top node. If the stem turns brown, cut it at the base, close to the leaves. A new inflorescence will grow in time.

And one final tip: Since Phals are really super easy to keep, look for the ones that are done blooming at the box stores, you can get them super cheap. Give them some love and they will reward you with flowers every year.


  1. I have always thought orchids were difficult. Yours are gorgeous, and you make it sound easy. Thanks for the tips!

  2. du hast herrliche Orchideen Gl├╝ckwunsch