Thursday, March 16, 2017

Leu Gardens Plant Sale

Past weekend was the 2-day Annual Plant Sale at Leu Gardens.
This year I missed out, I was not able to be there on the first day as usual, but got there just before lunch on the second day. What a difference! Some vendors were completely sold out packing up their stalls. Others had just their flowering specimen plants left saying I can order a plant like this from their website. All I wanted was one vanda orchid but I was too late. I still found a few plants to bring home, though.

I will never have enough ferns, so I brought home a Maidenhair and an interesting Nest Fern named 'Christie', with very wavy fronds. 
And I can never pass by caladiums without buying a few bulbs, a bag full to be exact. 
In the front of the picture, you see 3 tillandsias, those will be added to the Tree Branch along with the small oncidium orchid sitting to the right of them.
In the center back is a white flowering Anthurium, had to buy it since I cannot say no to white flowers, and in the large black pot is a balloon milkweed seedling from Biosphere
Three swamp plants, sundew, pitcher plant and venus fly trap will be added to the pond area.
And last but not least a new Phaius variety ‘George’s Gold’ (Phaius microburst). A young plant, but that's all that was left and it will grow.

Good haul for not wanting to buy anything but one Vanda :-)


  1. Nice haul, even if you didn't get your Vanda! :) I hadn't seen your Tree Branch before, so I looked at your other post. I love it!! What a wonderful idea and great way to display your air plants! I love all your swamp plants too. I tried growing some pitchers one year, but they were killed during winter even though they were supposed to be hardy. I probably messed something up and want to try again as they are so awesome.

  2. thanks, glad you like the tree branch. Some plants don't want to grow on it, others do well. And don't feel bad about the swamp plants, I keep killing mine, but I keep trying.