Friday, April 28, 2017

Stapelia Leendertziae

Stapelia Leendertziae

I love stapelias, and this one especially. It is just as showy as the Stapelia gigantea, flowering on and off throughout the year, but thankfully it is not as stinky.

The flowers are not the typical stapelia stars, they don't flatten out to a star shape but have a beautiful bell shape.

Stapelia Leendertziae is a succulent, native to South Africa. It likes it dry, so during the Florida rainy season, I keep the plant on the covered porch.


  1. Ist das eine schöne Blühte einfach toll ,
    habe ich noch nie gesehen

  2. Ein stinkstiefel, aber nicht sehr stinkig :-)

  3. Gorgeous blooms but totally weird and stunning! Almost animalistic. I love it!

    1. now that you mention it, it does look weird. I never really looked at it that way.