Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pictures of the Dumbarton Oaks Garden

We spent a long Memorial weekend in the Washington D.C. area.  Lots of fun with Family, food, and touring the Dumbarton Oaks Museum & Garden.

The garden is filled with loving details where ever I look. Large rocks as edging, steps with scalloped borders, concrete castings of leaves and flowers.

Lots of flowers of course, and several different Clematis vines

There are many walkways throughout the garden using different materials. With each one I thought, that's the one I want in my garden. So many choices!

And I am a sucker for sitting possibilities in the garden, and here are plenty places to sit and enjoy Nature's beauty

Statues and ornate pillars create focal points in the different garden sections.

oh, and I so want a pebble garden!

Here is a closer look at the pebble garden, it was originally meant to be covered by a shallow water layer.

Large, colorful succulent planters caught my attention

A garden must have water features, and this garden has many.

Walls. I noticed a lot of walls. Each one unique and different, different style, different material. I love it!

The garden has it all, rose garden, kitchen- and cutting garden, different orchards, Orangery, swimming pool, and even a circle of musical chairs, to name a few. Yes, speakers are under the chairs, so one sits smack in the middle of the orchestra.

The picture collages in this post hold just a select few pictures, to give you a glimpse into this magical garden.

For more details and information go to Dumbarton Oaks Gardens.

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