Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Around Chacchoben

Before pictures of the ruins, I want to post pictures of the beauty around the ruins. It is all jungle, with all the noise I imagined a jungle should have. Loud bird calls, monkey hollers and all possible shades of green.

Leaf-cutter ants, don't get me wrong, the ruins are incredible, but I never encountered leaf-cutter ants, so this was one highlight for me. Sadly, I just had a few seconds to snap a couple pictures.

I did not know, leafcutter ants have a fungal garden and practice sophisticated waste management.
Wikipedia says next to humans, leafcutter ants form the largest and most complex animal societies on Earth.

Sadly, so many of the ants were trampled to death but the ignorant tourists, even though the path of large ants carrying inch-size leaf pieces was very prominent. 

Monkeys. I believe this one is a Spider monkey. Several of them jumped in the tree tops, following the tourist group.

Earlier I posted about the Mayan stingless bees. Simply fascinating.

I noticed several large Anthurium plants, this one is growing up on a tree trunk.

Circling the main city plaza were the homes. Just the stone base and stairs of them are left. Not cleared yet one can see how the jungle took over the abandoned buildings.


  1. Replies
    1. Ist schon ein irres Gefuehl sich vorzustellen hier war mal eine Stadt die nun vom Dschungel uebernommen ist.

  2. Thank you for a peek at this exotic place. I was unaware of leaf-cutter ants, though I think I have heard of them. Fascinating! Now I want to read more about them. There should be a sign telling tourists to watch out for them!

    1. I am guessing the locals do not care too much for those ants, they can be a pest.