Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer in Myrtle Glen

It's a jungle out there!

Summer morning in Myrtle Glen 

The Crepe Myrtles with lots of beautiful white flowers cast light shade over much of the yard.

Crepe Myrtle 'Natchez'

The plants do their thing, growing, flowering, being happy (or so I hope)

H. 'SanAntonio Rose', Spider lily, Z. prairie sunset, Hedychium 'Carnival'

Coleus and Copperleaf are in-your-face bright, colorful foliage plants, easy to root and once you have them in your yard, you can have them forever. Simply snip some branches and root in water on your window sill during the winter time.

And then there are the gems one has to look for, small flowers on vines, and hidden under huge leaves or peeking out from under shrubs.

Orchid vine, Passiflora trifasciata, Anthurium Faustino's Giant, Z. primulina

The water feature and surrounding bromeliad bed on 'Mt. Peterson' is a frog's paradise

Who does not love bumble bees? I can't help it, I must snap pictures of them even though I have hundreds already. I am sure they are rolling their eyes when ever they see me, 'her again, show her your sugar side aka back side' ;-)

Hibiscus 'El capitolio Bloody Mary'

The night blooming water lilies have an almost artificial neon pink color. One can see them very well at night, but come late morning the flowers close. 

Nymphaea 'Antares'

I can't believe the grass is still looking good, must be all the rain we are getting lately.

'Blue Java' or 'ice cream' bananas