Sunday, September 3, 2017

Darn Kitchen project

old kitchen

I did like my kitchen of 14 years, oak cabinets, white tile floor, no-nonsense. Sadly we had a bad water leak under the house foundation and part of the kitchen had to be destroyed to get to it. That was Christmas 2016.  Fixing the kitchen turned into the 'darn kitchen project' dragging out until September 2017.

New kitchen - might as well get a new look. Decisions, decisions! Which cabinets, hardware, flooring, lighting, countertops..... and finding the right contractor! ACK!

We kept the wall color (orange glow) but updated the curtains, added wooden blinds and a garden inspired ceiling light to the dining nook.

Actually, the first item I bought for the kitchen was the copper sink.

This apron front farm sink is custom made by Rachiele in Central Florida. 
The hanging sink caddy is hidden under the workspace, the copper grid, and the round plate hides the drain for a neat look.

The granite is Portofino. We walked around the granite factory's huge collection of granite slabs and basically were ok with all of them until we saw the Portofino. We both pointed and shouted 'that one'.

The Cabinet color is 'oatmeal' and the island is stained in 'mocha'.

Tired of hard tiles, we decided on Pergo laminate color Auburn oak. Pergo promises the laminate offers wear protection plus defends against household spills for up to 24 hours. Sounds good to me!

A double ceiling fan completes the new kitchen

I sure am glad the kitchen renovation is done!