Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Powerful Irma

September10/11 Irma arrived. 
Irma was a catastrophic hurricane (her Wikipedia page) and we were worried, especially since we recently had solar panels installed. The day before Irma was to arrive we secured the property, taking down the weather vane and outside fans, tying up the porch swing and rockers, and bringing in potted plants and yard art.

One of the worries was the construction dumpster in front, filled with debris from our kitchen renovation. I envisioned my old kitchen cabinets stuck in my neighbor's windows, but the strapped down tarps stayed put.

Irma arrived on the evening of the 10th, it did not seem very bad at that time, but we lost power. No big deal, a couple hours for candle lights and then to bed.

Early morning coffee time the old-fashioned way, that is before daybreak and before the solar panels generate juice: the coffee pot placed on my cake cooling rack, over tealights sitting a cookie sheet.

We were eagerly awaiting daylight.

The broken branches were no surprise. The gate panels were not damaged, hubs took them off before the storm.

But the mess in the ponds surprised me, it looked like someone used a mixer. All twirled around, leaves, and water lilies, and twigs. The lily pad stems were entwined as if braided, but all the fish were ok.

I just had a couple days time for cleaning up the yard, then off we went, traveling again :-)

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