Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Going Solar

A couple months back we had Solar cells installed

 No damage to the cells from Hurricane Irma,  but I collected bunches of roof shingles after Irma. So yes, roofers will be here on the 30th. We had an Irma- day without power but having outlets by the solar inverters made the noisy generator obsolete.

Cells on one side of the main roof and additional cells on three sides of the garage and both sides of the porch room.

I must admit I am not really into saving electricity, we have way too many garden water features with their pumps running 24/7, in the evening I love having ambient lights throughout the house and on the back porch, the coach lights are on from sundown to sunup, we leave the computers on all day, and we of course are charging our two electric cars. I do not expect to make money off the solar cells ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Die solar zellen sehen beeindruckend aus, ich finde es toll
    das ihr sie habt