Thursday, December 21, 2017

December in Orlando

I love living in Florida, I do not miss the snow, not one bit! 

Farfugium giganteum, Gloxinia sylvatica, Aechmea 'Little Harv', Scorpion's Tail, Toad Lily 'Sinonome'

Strolling through the garden on a 'crisp' winter morning .... Myrtle Glen is flowering year round, a little less in December, it is winter after all ;-)

Buddha is peeking through the leaves

Google Photos creates picture collages, but one has no control over the outcome. select the images, click create and take it or leave it. I miss Picasa!

Antique Rose Duchesse De Brabant, Billbergia 'Fantasia', Cordyline 'Red Sister Gold Edge', Acalypha wilkesiana 'Mini Marginata',  Bougainvillea, Cordyline 'Bolero Tricolor'

I do have snowballs in the garden ....

white powderpuff, Calliandra haematocephala 'Alba'

... and stars, pink stars 

Cryptanthus bivittatus 'Ruby'

Happy Holidays :-)

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