Thursday, March 22, 2018

In my Library - Der Orchideenjaeger

The Orchid Hunter, adventures in tropical America

I am quite fond of antique books, especially fairytale books and of course garden related ones.

The story takes place during the orchid fever, in the first half of the 19th century. Rich collectors in Europe, Asia, and the USA paid ungodly amounts of money for newly discovered orchids which they then named and registered.  The orchid hunters made a fortune with their expeditions into the South American jungles, digging up and pulling off trees any colorful flowers that may be orchids. They collected and destroyed entire orchid colonies so no other orchid hunter would be able to get that specific plant.

I found The Orchid Hunter in a small Antique Books shop in the old town of Nuernberg.

The dedication is dated September 29, 1926

The handwritten dedication reads "to my dear Wolfgang for his 11th birthday, Mom"

the orchid hunter rather loses the precious flower than hand them over to another hunter

Books from this time had a few pictures in color, protected by a sheet of thin parchment paper.

Printed in the old font looks so neat! I am looking forward to reading this tale.