Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Flowers in July

Oh, so nice and hot and steamy Central Florida in July! It is like inside a greenhouse so humid one has to think to breathe and not swallow.

Begonia coccinea

White is my favorite color in the yard. The color white simply pops out and is so showy.

Epiphyllum strictum

Most of my plants love the Florida summer, a few are giving up and hunker down waiting it out but that's ok, their time will come as soon as the summer heat is gone. Right now it is all for the tropicals.

Butterfly Pea vine, double blue

Night blooming water lily closes its flowers late morning and opens them up again at dusk.

Hibiscus Hawaiian Salmon is in bloom all summer long

I am in love with this Hibiscus El Capitolio Tequila Sunrise

Gingers love the heat, this one is Hedychium Dr. Moy

This dendrobium was a rescue and thanks it by flowering year after year

The yellow water snowflake sends its flowers over the pond's edge.

yumm, I can't wait for the dragon fruit to ripen, it is so delicious

A few more pictures, white daylily, spiral ginger, dancing lady ginger, toad lily, Vanda blue magic

Then there is always the many colors of foliage

For now, the yard belongs to the wildlife, butterflies, lizards, hummingbirds galore.

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