Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shells and Succulents

This past Saturday we spent a day in Tarpon Springs, a lovely Greek town, with lots to do and see. Besides eating delicious Greek food we booked a boat tour to a small island for shelling.

What to do with the sand and the shells? display them of course!

I collected succulents from the garden and planted them in tiny pots filled with moist potting soil.

The pots are placed in the apothecary jar and the beach sand is added.

I tucked in a couple pieces of driftwood and some shells, ....

... and covered the soil with moss.

All that is needed is a small paintbrush to clean up the sand on the inside wall and the memory of a day at the beach is done. 

The succulents won't need much water, a couple teaspoons or so every other week since the lidded jar keeps the moisture inside.