Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bloom Day - August 2018

A month goes by so fast. I am trying to be better at following May Dream Gardens' monthly bloom day event. Life just has a way of tossing stones into my schedule path. And here I am, late once again!

This spider lily is a reliable bloomer, all through summer time. I received a few bulbs from a garden friend many years ago.

spider lily, Hymenocallis acutifolia

 I am not very patient with Cannas, they seem to be high maintenance for me, except of a very few I got rid of all of them, but this yellow one is a keeper.

Canna 'Richard Wallace'

This neon pink water lily is one of my favorite flowers, it opens at dusk and closes the blooms late morning. On a dark, cloudy day the flowers stay open halfway as if they can't decide what to do.

nymphaea antares

The desert rose is doing well this summer, it must like the new spot its at.

Desert Rose

Rain lilies are so cheerful. I spread the seeds and hope they pop up everywhere. I could imagine a yard filled with them

Zephyranthes 'Lily Pie' 

This Aechmea keeps its blooms in very good shape for an extremely long time.

Aechmea ramosa x fulgens

I like the weird looking flowers, this one is the flower of Anthurium 'Faustino's Giant'
Details about this plant at

Anthurium "Faustino's Giant"

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  1. I’ve never seen a spider lilly, that is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Evenstar, thank you for visiting my blog :) I believe this lily is a swamp plant, it sure loves the daily summer rains here in Florida.

  2. Herrliche Blumen die w├╝rde ich auch gerne haben

  3. Spider lily is always lovely to see with its sweet emitting fragrance ,we can have it bloom almost throughout the year.

  4. Rain lilies are one of my absolute favorites! I used to grow white and yellow ones in North Carolina and am so sad that they are not hardy here. I found one place selling the white one that said it was hardy to zone 6, so I am trialing it in a warmer spot in my yard to see if it will survive the winter. I've never seen 'Lily Pie' - gorgeous!

    1. I keep some of the named varieties in pots outside, and they bloom just as much and just as nice as the ones planted in ground. I am sure they would not mind to overwinter in the basement or garage :)